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Who know their awesome destinations to explore Myanmar in end of rainy season?

Well Well winter season is coming soon! Such a great weather to visit to Myanmar!

Are you thinking about where should I visit Myanmar during winter season?

If so, I hope this article will help you. I ‘m going to mention the best places to visit Myanmar in during cold season.

The first place is the marvelous Bagan. You might wonder why Bagan in Cold Season while you can visit any time of the year. Of course you can visit Bagan any time of the year but in the cold season, the weather is great. It is not too sunny at all. So, you won’t get tired so easily and there won’t be any dusts or muddy at all.

Sunset landscpae of Bagan, Myanmar.

The second place I highly recommend is Kalaw. Now again you might wonder why Kalaw in the cold season. Kalaw is so beautiful in any time of the year. But the beauty is different. In the hot season, the weather is not too humid or too cold, it is just nice and sunny. But you can’t see the green view that you can see in the rainy season. In the rainy season, the weather is a little bit humid and cool. But everywhere is green. But in the cold season, the weather is cold and the sceneries are so beautiful. Everywhere is mostly full with cloud. Therefore your mind will refresh so quickly and at that time trekking in Kalaw is the best because in the rainy season, the route is muddy sometimes. But in the cold season, there won’t be any mud and the sun is not shining brightly at all. So, you won’t get tired so easily during the trekking.

Kalaw To Inle Lake Trekking

Another place I recommend is Hispaw. Why Hispaw? How can I describe it? Hispaw is such a great place to go. You can do activities like trekking, boat trip, day walk in town, etc. I highly recommend taking a train from Pyin Oo Lwin to pass the famous Gokteik Viaduct and it is going to be an awesome experience.

The View On Way Of Hsipaw Trekking

Next place I recommend is Pyin Oo lwin. Pwin Oo Lwin also known as May Myo is one of the famous hill stations. At there, you can visit to waterfalls, organic orange farm, Governor House, Kandawgyi National Gardenn and do some trekking, cycling etc. Also you should try famous coffee at May Myo.

Start Your Day With A Cup Of Hot Milk

The last place I highly recommend is Mandalay, the last capital of Myanmar. Mandalay weather is mostly hot. But during the cold season, it is nice. At there, you can visit to famous Golden Palace, Mandalay hills, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Taungthaman lake, etc.

Hopefully, you might like it and if you want to visit to Myanmar and don’t know where to start planning. Please feel free to contact us. Your happiness and making your trips smoother is our pleasure.

View Of Mandalay Palace


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