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Trekking in a Hilly Mountain Place that people metaphor as Switzerland of Myanmar

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

This city is located at the height of 1,320 meters in the Southern Part of Shan State and 50 Km from the famous Inle Lake. That city is called Kalaw. It was founded as Hill Station by British civil servants. It was one of the favorite places of British colonialists in the old time. Still some colonial buildings can be found at there. The climate was a cool escape from the sweltering heat of the tropics and even in hot season, cool breezes take the heat away when the sun is shining brightly over farms and shimmering pagodas. Kalaw is surrounded by the ethnic minority villages and agricultural lands growing ginger, oranges, tea, cauliflower and etc.

Kalaw Trekking Landscape

Even though dates aren’t exactly set, there is a rotating five-day market in Kalaw. Tribes from villages near and far come to the town to trade goods such as vegetables, green tea, handmade crafts and etc. Another place that you must visit is Kalaw‘s local Market that located at the downtown of Kalaw. At there you can see different tribes and taste the local traditional food. Kalaw is a small town, so you can try day walk in Kalaw and it is really different from any other places in Myanmar. During the day walk, you can visit the Kalaw’s local Market, Kalaw Railway Station that located start from the colonial time, etc.

Pa-O Village House From Kalaw

Kalaw is famous for trekking among locals and foreigners. Some foreigner mistaken it and spend only a day at Kalaw. But honestly it is one of the best places to visit in Myanmar. There are lots of trekking types according to your available time. Some chooses a day trekking. Some chooses to trek to Pindaya. Some chooses to trek to Inle Lake. Among them, 1 or 2 days trekking trip to Inle Lake from Kalaw is the most popular. Finally, reaching Inle Lake on foot from Kalaw is a bonus experience, providing travellers an up close and personal experience of the surrounding landscape, people and nature. Trekking to Inle Lake from Kalaw has been hailed as one of the most beautiful treks in the world by the likes of Lonely Planet and National Geographic.

Varying in distance and difficulty, there are about five different routes that you can take from Kalaw to reach Inle Lake. On average, you will trek about 7 hours per day with breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea breaks along the way.

Nice View On Way Of Kalaw Trekking

You will pass through many ethnic minority villages, notably Pa-oh, Palaung and Taungyoe and spend the night in a local family home. Dinner will be an assortment of traditional Shan dishes that has kindly been cooked by your host and you’ll either eat with your guide, or sometimes with the family, depending on their preference. The landscape varies from forests and agricultural land, with farmers once growing the cash crop opium, now cabbages, canola, eggplant and other vegetables. For details trekking plan to Inle Lake, please kindly contact us. Your happiness and making your trips smoother is our pleasure.


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