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Should I visit Bagan in rainy season?

Bagan, the famous place across the people who are not only from Myanmar but also the traveler from each part of the world, love heritage and the culture. With Bagan carrying such rich heritage, did you know that it is the best time to visit Bagan is monsoon season and explore the places yourself? Let me tell you the reasons why monsoon is the right season.

Should I Visit Bagan In Rainy Season?
Less rain than other part of the country

Bagan is located in upper dry zone. Due to favorable weather with no rainy season and year-round hot and humid climate, it is possible to discover the ancient Bagan at any time of the year. So, Bagan does not suffer from heavy rain like the Delta region such as Yangon. It makes Bagan a better choice to visit in rainy season.

Should I Visit Bagan In Rainy Season?
Less Tourist

Bagan being one of most travel attraction destination of Myanmar across the traveler because there has lot of heritage and parts of history about Myanmar. So, it is being crowded in nearly all attractions. But, you don’t have to worry about that problem in rainy season because crowds generally clear out and you won’t have to share the wondrous spiritual sites with other travelers.

Should I Visist Bagan In Rainy Season?

Here is the one interest point for Bagan to travel in Rainy Season is!!!

Cheap Price

It is the best season to save the budget on your trip and the very relevant reason why you should travel to Bagan in rainy season. Everything is available at cheaper prices than high seasons from accommodation to transportation. And hotels are offer green season promotion for the period of rainy season. So, everything around Bagan for you to enjoy are cheap……cheap…..and……cheap!

Should I Visit Rainy Season In Bagan?

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