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How to Travel from Mandalay to Bagan By Cruise

Mandalay is located in the middle of Myanmar. There are three types of going to Mandalay. 1st one is come from Yangon because of your travel itinerary, 2nd one is direct to Mandalay because of an airport that your choice of Mandalay airport and the 3rd one comes from Bagan because of some of the traveler who likes to explore Bagan first. You can choice everything base on your travel plan.

Sagaing Mountain View On Ayeyarwaddy River | Mandalay | Myanmar.

Today! we love to share our one experience in river cruising along the Ayeyarwady River from Mandalay to Bagan. We notice in mixing up for good transportation when traveling is always a good thing. It makes you get to experience things differently and provide you a better understanding of travel.

Check out some of the best topics here;

1. How Long Does The Boat Ride Take?

2. What Is The Cost of The Boat Ride to Mandalay?

3. About River Cruise Downstream Itinerary For You!

4. What You Will See?

5. What you have to enjoy when you are on board?

6. How to reserve and get the cruise ticket?

How Long Does The Boat Ride Take?

First, we like to explain about routing in cruising before talk to you about the duration. There are two routes in cruising. The first route is Bagan to Mandalay and the second one is a reverse from Mandalay to Bagan. And the duration for Bagan to Mandalay.

Here is the duration for Bagan & Mandalay routes;

1/ Bagan to Mandalay – 12 hours (Upstream)

2/ Mandalay to Bagan – 10 hours (Downstream)

Village Sightseeing On Ayeyarwady River | Mandalay | Myanmar.

What is the cost of the boat ride to Mandalay?

Please allow me to say “Yes” for the cheaper option to get to and from Bagan and Mandalay is by bus. However, if you are wanting to shake things up, this boat ride is definitely for you! Our hand pick choice of river cruising company is “Alliance Myanmar River Cruise”. The price not only includes your ride up the river but also your breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Here is the cost for two sectors for you to clear;

Bagan – Mandalay - $ 58 (2018)

Mandalay – Bagan - $ 37 (2018)

Your Lunch Be Like | Alliance Myanmar River Cruise | Myanmar.

About River Cruise Downstream Itinerary For You To Overview

6:00 Am Check-in Time

6:30 Am Cast off from Mandalay

6:35 Am Briefing about safety, Dos and Don't

7:00 Am Breakfast Time

10:30 Am Visit a typical village on the Ayeyarwaddy River Bank

12:30 Pm Lunch

3:00 Pm Demonstration and Discussion on Myanmar Culture & Tradition

5:30 Pm Arrival to Bagan

Onboard Bar | Alliance Myanmar River Cruise | Myanmar.

Details your downstream itinerary!

Your day will be started with a beautiful sunrise from the upper deck of RV PANORAMA, enjoying breakfast on the upper deck under the warm sunlight and gentle breeze. Downstream from Mandalay to Bagan, exploring a typical village at a riverbank of the Ayeyarwaddy will give you unforgettable memories. Delicious Myanmar cuisine will await you for lunch and you will have a relaxing time for sunbathing on the sun deck. As an additional service, our crew team will demonstrate different ways of wearing Myanmar Traditional Longyi (garment worn by Myanmar people) and Thanatkha (a fragrant paste made from the bark of Thanatkha tree). Enjoy the gorgeous sunset moment and arrive at your destination. (Note: Up steam Bagan-Mandalay is the same itinerary except village visit).

Explore Village On Ayeyarwaddy River | Mandalay | Myanmar.

What You Will See?

You cruise down the Irrawaddy River seeing locals living their ways of life. Washing their clothes in the river, children running and playing, boats going by, local men and boys fishing. The most beautiful or peaceful moment is after staring you trip of around 45 mins you will get your prettiest photos to view with pagodas which are lying on the mountains and boats and some cruise are near with it. And the time when you are passing through the Sa-Gaing bridge.

What you have to enjoy when you are on board?

1/ Demonstration on Longyi and Thanakha

Just as you arrive in Myanmar you will notice that Myanmar population wear their traditional costume, longyi, for daily wears and some strange yellow motifs as make-up on our face, Thanatkha.

2/ Village Sightseeing

We offer you a special opportunity to experience the country lifestyle by visiting a typical Myanmar village, Lekkapin, on the riverbank of Ayeyarwaddy during the down-stream journey (Mandalay to Bagan).

Lekkapin Village | Hand-made Village | Hat | Mandalay | Myanmar.

How to reserve and get the cruise ticket?

Please contact “Golden Yellow Travel”, at info@goldenyellowtravel.com.

Phone: +959 976886639, +959 420 034 139

Our “Golden Yellow Travel” is a luxury tour operator and also arrange the adventure tour for our friends who love to make something special through Myanmar.


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