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Five Activities & Two Days for Inle Lake

Inle Lake is a second largest lake in Myanmar which is quite popular across the people for their holidays gateway. The lake is 45 square miles of stunning clear waters which are surrounded by mountains and floating villages. We have a list of five best activities for you to enjoy around Inle lake even you get two days holidays.

Inle Lake | Shan State | Myanmar.

Check out the list of five activities as follow;

1/ Book A Inle Lake Tour

2/ Rent Bikes and Explore to Maing Thauk Village

3/ Learn how to cook Shan Traditional Foods

4/ Enjoy horse-back riding and have a cup of wine

5/ Sunset at Red Mountain Winery

The Village On Inle Lake | Shan Sate | Myanmar.

1/ Book A Inle Lake Tour

This is a one must activity when you are in Nyaung Shwe. You might have a question like “Why”? Let me support you the reason on your question as follow;

I like to support the info like what you have to see and what you can do. So, start with the morning section; Start your day in exploring Floating Market. Then explore to the village on Inle Lake how villagers make handcrafted items. The amount of time and effort that foes into making a silver bracelet or weaving a scarf is amazing. Each shop will walk you through the techniques and process that particular shop does to create these handcrafted masterpieces. If you are looking for a great handmade souvenir, we suggest looking into purchasing something from one of these shops. The handmade shops as follow;

📷 Lotus Weaving Shop

📷 Tobacco Shop

📷 Silver Making Shop

📷 Wood Shop

📷 Blacksmith Shop

After that it is a time to enjoy a lunch at local restaurant on Lake. Take relax in there. Then made your way to Hpaung Daw U Pagoda to visit Buddhist temple, after some time exploring back to Nyaung Shwe or to your hotel.


Make sure to get the picture everyone wants which is the famous Intha Fisherman. It’s so impressive to see them work. It’s mind blowing how they balance with such skill in order to lure their fish for the day in their netted cages.

Sunrise Village Atmosphere | Shan State | Myanmar.

2/ Rent Bikes and Explore to Maing Thauk Village

This is also one fine activities to explore to Maing Thauk Village by bike. You can rent a bike from bike rent agent around Nyaung Shwe with a cheap price. Start from your hotel after your breakfast time, bike through stunning countryside of the Shan Hills. You have a chance upon family run mini food factories to find out how staple dishes such as tofu, soybean crackers and rice noodles are made locally. Get a taste for traditional Shan cooking and enjoy your lunch at a local restaurant. There is one option for you that’s make your way back to Nyaung Shwe is by boat. It is really good experience after spend your time in 4rhs with bike.

Cooking Class On Lake Inle | Shan State | Myanmar.

3/ Learn how to cook Shan Traditional Foods

Cooking lesson is really good to have an experience because it will make you get a more than you think experience and great experience for your family or friend when you are back to your country.

After breakfast at your hotel, start the day with a visit to the Shan’s ethnic morning market to get your fresh ingredients before setting off to the site where the cooking class takes place. After drinking some yummy tea get ready to cook more than 7 special Shan dishes. You will get a very cool recipe book of all the dishes to take home with you at the end! After having lunch, you can go on a short canoe trip around the area to see some of the floating gardens and villages.

Inle Horse Club | Nyaung Shwe | Shan Staet | Myanmar.

4/ Enjoy horse-back riding and have a cup of wine

There is one question before explain about this activity. What is your hobby? If you are loving in horse-back riding. Sure, this topic is exactly for you “Horse-back riding to Winery”.

A mini trip around 2 hours to Red Mountain Winery, a round trip from Inle Horse Club. In this two hours excursion, you will pass through fields full of dragon fruit, sugar cane, sunflowers and corn. One way in thirty mins horse ride to and from red mountain. When you are arrived to Red Mountain Winery provides amazing scenic views over the Inle Lake. You can spend 30 mins at vineyards, where you can enjoy local food and a spectacular view from their restaurant. You have luck wine tasting is on offer for those who love to try Myanmar Wine. After that back to Inle Horse Club and transfer to your hotel, Nyaung Shwe or Inle Lake.

Red Mountain Vine Yard | Nyaung Shwe | Shan State | Myanmar.

5/ Sunset at Red Mountain Winery

There are two places for you to enjoy sunset at Inle Lake. First one is middle of the Lake by boat and second one is at Red Mountain Winery. The red mountain winery is just 30 mins drive from Nyaung Shwe if your hotel in Nyaung Shwe. For the people who used their accommodation in Lake have to take boat transfer to east of village from Inle Lake called Maing Thauk. Then transfer to Red Mountain Vineyard by car or motorbike. Like I said before, when you are arrived to Red Mountain Winery provides amazing scenic views over the Inle Lake in spending your luxury time with one Myanmar Wine provided by Red Mountain Vineyard. So, the sunset time is best to chill for you in there.

So, I like to conclusion my travel information in supporting five best topic for you and your friends or family to explore around Inle Lake. I hope this information will help you and if you need any of assistance for your journey to Inle Lake, please let us know. We are happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks for your time!!!

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