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Authentic Ethnic’s Shan Noodle

There are many traditional foods of reknow all across Myanmar. You may become across them while travelling on business or for pleasure. However, gourmands in Yangon are in luck because virtually all ingredients necessary for a tasty traditional food or dish are available here.

Shan noodle (Shan Kauk Swae), Shan-style noodle salad is one of the famous Myanmar Foods. It’s originally from Shan State, the east part of Myanmar and now you can have it everywhere in the country.

Shan Noodle Shop @ Hsipaw Village

Most of Myanmar people like it and commonly eat it as lunch or dinner or a kind of snack. It is mixture of boiled noodle, pieces of chicken or pork curry, tomato paste, some pounded peanuts and spring onion, garlic, soya bean paste and sesame.

It’s a kind of salad but you can eat Shan Noodle in two styles: salad or pouring Chicken Soup on salad. If you are in Yangon, you can have it in some local restaurant & the corner of some street shop. And almost all local tea-shop sell it as breakfast or all day snack.

Village Shop, Hsipaw

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